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LED lamp has the highest cost performance​


To compare the led lamp, traditional energy saving lamp and incandescent bulb. We take the 5w led lamp, 8w energy saving bulb, 40w incandescent bulb for example.
Experiment, in a dark room, these three bulbs are connected to the 220 volts of lamp, the measured current ammeter to measure the actual power the lamp. Meanwhile, the three bulbs in the box is placed at a distance of 30 cm bulb, a fixed amount of exposure by the camera shot of the box reflective case, as intuitive feelings distinguish three bulbs.
Through the test current, we come to know the actual power three light bulbs. The current of an incandescent lamp is approximately 0.18A, consume about 40 watts of power; current of energy-saving lamp is approximately 0.035A, consume about 7.7 watts of power; current of LED lights is approximately 0.021A, consume about 4.6 watts of power. We can tell from these data that the actual power of incandescent lamp is highest , is the most power-hungry.
So, how is the lighting performance of the three bulbs? In the same exposure combination shoot a group of photos, recording the different light reflectivity on bulbs box , the photo display, the 5w LED bulb has the brightness light. Incandescent lamp brightness is slightly lower, although sporadic yellow looks very bright, but it feels relatively soft. CFL lamp shape is back to form larger light-emitting area, but white color, look at slightly harsh.
Why there is so big difference on the lighting effect? This is because the light of incandescent and energy-saving lamps has no directionality, but light of LED lamp emit in one direction, so it is much brighter than the other two bulbs.
As to the working temperature,  after the temperature of incandescent bulb is too high to be touched directly after two minutes light on, although temperature of energy saving lamps rise significantly, but not very hot when tough it, while the temperature changing of LED bulb is minimal, you only can feel lukewarm when touch the lamp bottom.
Only considerate from the price, a LED light is equivalent to the purchase of 16 incandescent, buy an energy-saving lamp, it is equivalent to spending nine incandescent price. Buy LED lights clearly not cost-effective energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. But count factors such as power consumption and lamp life, the LED lighting life of 15,000 hours, equivalent to 15 incandescent or energy-saving lamps and three. On consumption, incandescent need to consume 600 kWh, energy-saving lamps to 115.5 degrees, while the LED lamp is only 69 degrees.
According to $1 per kilowatt basis, the use of 15,000 hours, the electricity generated by the use of incandescent lamps is $60, energy-saving lamps to $11.5, while LED lights only $6.9. If long-term use, or the most cost-effective LED lights, and the best lighting effects.
‘Only 5% electricity will be used by the  incandescent tungsten filament to produce light, the remaining 95% of the total consumed by the heat. Energy-saving lamps is able to change 80% of the electrical energy into light, LED lights can be directly put electricity into light with lower power consumption. LED lights will win more and more lighting market.’ The expert of Illuminating Engineering Society said.

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