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LED driver classification​


Drive mode can be classified

(1) constant flow: A, constant current driving circuit output current is constant, while the output DC voltage is as the load resistance of different sizes vary in a certain range, load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the greater the load resistance, the higher output voltage; B, constant current circuits are not afraid of the load short-circuit, but strictly load fully open. C, constant current drive circuit LED is more ideal, but relatively high prices. D, should be noted that the use of the maximum withstand current and voltage value, it limits the number of LED's use; (2) regulating type: A, when determining the parameters of the voltage stabilizing circuit, the output voltage is fixed, and output current but increase or decrease with load change; B, a voltage stabilizing circuits are not afraid of the open load, but strictly completely short-circuit the load. C, in order to drive the LED driver circuit, each string needs to be coupled with the appropriate resistance can make each string LED display brightness average; D, brightness will be affected by the voltage changes.

Circuit structure classification

(1) resistance, capacitor voltage reduction way: through the capacitor voltage, in the flashing use, due to the charging and discharging of the action, through the LED of the current great, easy to damage the chip. Due to the influence of the voltage fluctuation of power network, the power supply efficiency is low and the reliability is low.

 (2) resistance step-down way: through a dropping resistor, by grid voltage changes of the interference is large, it is difficult to make a regulated power supply, step-down resistor to consume much energy, so the power supply mode power efficiency is very low and system reliability is low. 

(3) conventional transformer voltage reduction way: power supply small size, weight, power efficiency is also very low, generally only 45% ~ 60%, so very little use, not high reliability. (4) the electronic transformer voltage reduction way: the power supply efficiency is low, the voltage range is not wide, generally 180 ~ 240V, the ripple is big.

 (5) RCC buck switching mode power supply: a relatively wide range of voltage regulation, power efficiency is relatively high, generally can do 70% ~ 80%, the application is also widely. Because the oscillation frequency of the control mode is not continuous, the switching frequency is not easy to control, and the load voltage ripple coefficient is larger, and the abnormal load adaptability is poor. 

(6) PWM control mode switching power supply: mainly consists of four parts, the input rectifier filter part, the output rectifier filter part, PWM voltage regulation control part, switch energy conversion part. The basic working principle of PWM switching regulator is in the input voltage, the internal parameters and external connected load changes of, the control circuit is controlled by the difference between the signal and a reference signal for closed-loop feedback, regulation of the main circuit switching device of pulse width, the switching power supply output voltage or current stable (i.e. corresponding regulated power supply or a constant current power supply). The power efficiency is very high, generally can achieve 90% ~ 80%, the output voltage, the current is stable. In general, this circuit has perfect protection measures, which is a high reliability power supply. 

3. According to the power supply installation location classification drive power supply according to the installation position can be divided into external power supply and internal power supply. 

(1) external power supply as its name implies, external power supply is installed outside the power supply. General voltage is relatively high, there is a security risk, you need an external power supply. With the built-in power supply is the difference between the power plus a shell, a common street lamp. 

(2) the built-in power supply is installed in the lamp, the general is relatively low voltage, 24V to 12V, no security risks to people. This is a common bulb.

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