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LED driver profile​


LED driver (Driver LED), refers to the power to drive the LED light emitting or LED module components to adjust the normal operation of electronic devices. Due to the LED junction conduction characteristics of the decision, it can be adapted to the power supply voltage and current variation range is very narrow, slightly deviation may cannot lit LED or light emitting efficiency is severely reduced, or shorten the service life and even burn the chip. The current power frequency power supply and common battery power supply are not suitable for direct supply of LED, LED driver is this can drive LED in the best voltage or current state of the work of electronic components.

Due to the application of LED has spread to almost all areas of Applied Electronics, the luminous intensity, color and on-off control change is almost impossible to estimate, so LED driver has become almost a servo device, the members of this family of devices become varied. The most simple LED driver (if you can call it) may be one or several series parallel resistance elements in the loop shunt partial pressure, it does not become a separate product. And for the requirement to provide a stable constant current and constant voltage output more common business applications, the formation of a series of accurate power adjustment capability of the system solutions. To achieve these solutions, it is often required to compare the complex circuit design, the core of which is the integrated application of LED driver IC. Through in LED Driver IC is arranged on the periphery of the different support circuitry, building such applications for different solutions to drive mobil

e phone backlight display and keypad lights, big power LED street lamp and large outdoor LED display and so on.

Comparison of general purpose high power LED driver design and supply, generally by the Professional Company to play. These companies will be the second package into a module after the supply to the LED terminal application product manufacturers. And less common LED terminal application products drive design, may need to work on their own design. It becomes an important part of the unique technology content of the LED terminal application. Because the LED as the encapsulation of the product in the upstream, its technical performance has solidified in LED products, and to create a unique terminal LED application products, of a source in addition to the LED driver functions place, other also can fight have the.

Due to the unique importance of LED driver in LED application products and a wide range of user needs, making the LED drive as the driver of the LED driver IC has become the key element of the whole technical link. Prompted many manufacturers, including many listed companies, LED drive as the main products, to the downstream industry large supply of LED Driver IC, such as Hangzhou Silan micro, Shenzhen spring core electron, Shenzhen guanghuayuan technology, microelectronics in Shenzhen, China Resources powtech technology, Taiwan's point of crystal science and technology, accumulation of science and technology, wide Peng technology, TXC technology, Feihong, Damao, round record, etc.. In this field with industry leader style American manufacturers are also many, such as company of American country semiconductor, letter of the United States, Texas Instruments, semiconductor, linea, fly Fairchild Semiconductor and so on.

LED drive power is the power supply conversion for specific voltage and current to drive the light emitting LED voltage converter, usually under LED drive power input, including high voltage AC (i.e., power, DC voltage, DC high voltage, low voltage high frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformer) and other. And the output of the LED drive power supply is most of the constant current source which can change the voltage with the change of the LED forward voltage drop.

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