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  • ED lamps more efficient, replacing the traditional lighting appliances trend is obvious

    Now when consumers in Europe and the United States want to buy energy-efficient light bulbs, has a new choice, LED bulbs began to shelves in the shopping malls, their working life is 5 times the energ...
  • LED street lamp energy saving and investment analysis

    LED (Emitting Diode Light), which is a light-emitting diode, is a kind of semiconductor solid light emitting device. It has neither a burning filament nor an ionized gas, so the temperature at which i...
  • LED driver applications

    From high power LED main application market ---- landscape lights, to analyze the large power LED market, the landscape lighting market as the largest application of LED lighting market, the share of ...
  • LED driver classification

    Drive mode can be classified (1) constant flow: A, constant current driving circuit output current is constant, while the output DC voltage is as the load resistance of different sizes vary in a cert...
  • LED driver profile

    LED driver (Driver LED), refers to the power to drive the LED light emitting or LED module components to adjust the normal operation of electronic devices. Due to the LED junction conduction character...

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