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Zhejiang shuguang Lamps Co., Ltd. is located on beautiful Siming Lake. This beauty inspires our builders and designers to engineer environmentally friendly and energy saving products to beautify and lighten the world.

Our output has reached millions including road, projection, garden, lawn, bulkhead, flood, power pole, and other lamps. We have developed an increasing assortment through customer oriented research from around the world. With the aid of new design tools, we've created new standards of fast and precise manufacturing employing quality control with advanced detection devices.

The company can produce lamps in one-shot moldings with 1,250-ton aluminum die machines and spray-on plastics. They are easy to install and excellent in maximumizing lighting benefit. Also, beautiful and novel in shape, they are waterproof, dustproof, and have passed several tests of State and ISO9001 certification. Furthermore, lamp poles are shaped with a large 1000-ton folding machine. Steel pipes are processed on assembly lines. All these make the lamps smooth, clean, beautiful, firm and durable.

Our corporate policies teach us to unify, practice, struggle and progress. Most importantly, our operating principles of meeting customers' needs and creating best first in-class products and services are of utmost priority. We invite you to contact us on the menu above today!

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